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Air freight chartering

Freight Chartering

At  Trans Atlantic Aviation (TAA), we understand that the punctual, safe and cost effective delivery of all your cargo consignments is a fundamental aim of any freight organisation. Whatever your shipment, urgent or high value cargo, our commitment to you is to provide the best solution for all your cargo aircraft chartering needs. Our comprehensive database of all types of cargo aircraft is constantly updated with current locations and availability. We aim to provide our clients with the right aircraft at the right price to meet  your freight requirements.

Key elements for choosing Trans Atlantic´s (TAA) Freight Chartering services:

We provide a 24 hour, 365 days a year, service ensuring a total commitment to our customers. Our  knowledge combined with our comprehensive freight aircraft database means you get the optimum solution to all your freight requirements Accurate cost and availability indications allow you to budget and plan accurately Our experience in air cargo operations ensures that you receive the most reliable service at all times.

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Aircraft Leasing

Trans Atlantic Aviation (TAA)  provides a full range of wet lease/aircraft crew maintenance & insurance (ACMI), damp lease, dry lease and ground servicing (GSA), all designed to keep aircraft, passengers and cargo flying – and airlines.

Key elements for choosing Trans Atlantic Aviation (TAA)  for wet leases and other air services, include:

Our aircraft operators database, which includes a vast number  of contact details in the airline industry, with a rapid provision of aircraft of any category.

Rapidly arranged ‘go now’ charters, short-term and long-term leases.

24/7 flightwatch 365 days a year.


Tour Operators

Whether large or small,  Trans Atlantic Aviation (TAA) can help you boost your capacity during peak periods,summer or winter, when it matters. We have the ability to deliver on demand, individual charters or dedicated aircraft for entire seasons.

Key elements for choosing Trans Atlantic‘s Aviation (TAA) Tour Operators Air Charter Services:

Rapid response and flexibility, with dedicated professionals, available 24/7, 365 days a year. Total reliability with our international  contacts, regional offices and other resources.

1. Dedication and total attention to detail.
2. Bargaining power – we can negotiate the best air charter rates.
3. Discretion and complete confidentiality.
4. 24-hour flight watch, enabling us to react rapidly and flexibly.

Worldwide offices

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