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Online booking system

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Flight System

A short overview of the system

Front End booking system


This is what you see. Powered by a lean back end, you’re free to design the front ends to your needs or use our template and modify as you wish in order to suit your needs

The front end can be one of our standard templates customized into every detail, or something developed by the airline using our web services for fast development and completely independent design, thus ensuring 100% flexibility at all times.



Flights can be presented in different views, like lists or calendar modes with the detail level of your choice. List view with multiple cabins and select able number of departures per sector.

Internal users can also see number of avail seats for facilitated group bookings (not disclosed to the public). view with optional additional departures (one way). 




Flight System can handle complex customer information, like relationships, groups, travel managers, users, consolidated records where certain people can view more than their own bookings.

We’re also flexible and can include information like location codes, project numbers and employment codes for easy invoicing and cost control.

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Screen snapshots and a fast presentation of Flight System                                  Flight System overview

Flight System

What’s the difference to the others?

  • Flexibility (we can do it, usually within hours or days – not years..)
  • Cost of ownership (low license fees and cost per sector booked)
  • High knowledge of the airline business and the needs for LCCs as well as normal airl
  • Integrated inventory of hotel allotments for dynamic packaging and set packages
  • Easy to integrate into corporate wide solutions with ERP, OP and so forth via a well formed web service API


Flight System is completely Internet based and all users share the same user interface. Users are;

  • General public
  • Corporate accounts – travel management functions
  • Agents – multiple levels
  • Internal users with multiple security roles
  • Concealed accounts for banners in order to track bookings

Language options

The system currently offers user languages i.e. French, Swedish, Finnish, English and Icelandic. If needed additional languages can be implemented into the system i.e. Dutch, Danish, Norwegian or German as well as others to service new markets and countries all pending clients future plans for marketing and sales of the charter flight operation.

The system is hosted on the worldwide web and is therefore available 24 hours, accessible either via URL or shortcut that can be saved on the computer desktop in each travel agency involved in the sales for the flights.

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Worldwide offices

Iceland – Head office.
Latin America, Portugal/Spain.
Middle East.

Main Office

Trans - Atlantic Aviation ehf.
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108 Reykjavík, Iceland
Phone: +354-588-8900
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